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Lori Burns - GC
It was so amazing to see GC Gives come to fruition today. I had the honor of serving alongside a great group of students at the Baldwin County Animal Shelter as we began the process of cleaning out a new space so the shelter can expand. It’s been so great seeing posts from all the sites today. Kendall Stiles and Kristy Johnson went above and beyond in the planning and execution of this event. Great job ladies!


A Cymone Moody
I am still on a high watching how much the students enjoyed it!


Pamela Cornwall Dietz
Loved keeping up with all the updates yesterday. A truly magical day for the people of Baldwin County AND the students at GCSU. Thank you, Kendall, and the amazing team for making this happen. Hearts full of love & appreciation.


Sherrill Jones - Lockerly
Thank you Kendall, GC GIVES 2018, Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful & your entire team. I had the privilege of observing the team of students working at Lockerly Arboretum yesterday......what a rewarding experience! So glad this will become a GC tradition.


Jane Vedder
Thank you, Kendall! Loved seeing all the young folks at Kroger and on FB in other spots around town..... helping Milledgeville become beautiful!! Great new tradition for GCSU and Milledgeville!!!


Tom Glover - Bartram and Selma
Thank you Kendall and KMBB! The work completed yesterday at Bartram and Selma by the GCGives crew was absolutely AWESOME! Can’t wait for GCGives 2019!


Vickie Danuser Swinger - New City Church
New City Church was totally blessed my GCGives yesterday! What an amazing way for the new students to jump right in and invest in their college community.


Pam Thomas
 #GCGIVES18 has been phenomenal! The work they did outside of our church looks beautiful!


Tiffany Cannon Bayne 
I adored my team! They had the best attitudes and truly enjoyed the work they were doing. Many were asking the principal when they could return to further projects along.


Carrigan Flotlin 
I’m so glad I got to be able to see everything behind the scenes! I can’t wait to be involved next year as an alum


Connie Orr Prezioso 
Congratulations!!! It was great to see those smiling fresh Freshman faces when we walked in and out of Lowes yesterday!!!! What a great group of your people!!! They give me hope for our future!!!!


Grove Events Center - Chapel of All Faiths
Georgia College freshmen helped us kick off a great renovation project this morning in the Chapel. They helped prep and paint the Fellowship Hall and office hallways, clear the offices of recyclable materials. They even put out fresh pine straw and cleaned up the Pecan Grove! We can't wait for you to see the final product of all this hard work.
Thanks to Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful and Georgia College for hosting GC GIVES 2018. An additional special thank you goes to our site sponsors, The Union-Recorder and Moores Funeral Home And Crematory.


Melissa LeBrun - 97 Big FM
Georgia College and their GC Gives in partnership with Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful is going off splendidly! BIG thanks to Ashley Kennedy Bacon for all your hard work in helping to organize this community focused event.


Debbie Bush, Oconee Center
YOU ARE A TRUE ROCKSTAR ASHLEY!  Thank you for sharing these wonderful kids and experience with me!! So proud to be a small part of this and to know the mover and shaker that brought it to life! Kudos Ashley Bacon!!


Emilee Cook - KMBB
So thankful to have been a part of GC Gives today! As a member of the board of directors for Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful, I could not be more proud of our Director, Ashley Bacon, and my fellow board members for all their hard work in partnering with Georgia College to make today happen. I joined students at Lowes this morning to help raise awareness and money for KMBB. After we packed up at Lowes, I drove over to see how the projects went at Central State. On my way down Swint, I came across a gentleman in the road who needed some assistance with his wheelchair. I pulled over and joined him in the street to see if I could help. He saw my GC Gives T-shirt and asked me if I had been at the nursing home today. I told him I had spent the day volunteering at a different project site. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and told me how much he appreciated the volunteers who had visited with him there at the GA War Veterans Home. He thanked us all for volunteering. I told him it was our pleasure, got his electric wheelchair moving again, and bid him a good afternoon. Today was an awesome day for our community.


Hannah Faulkner
It was such an awesome event and great for the community! Ashley Bacon rocks!


Remax United Alliance-Jim and Tina Fain
Our company is proud to help this wonderful day and effort! Thank you to all the people that shine today for GC Gives! Your time is most appreciated by this community! Congrats to all who put this together including Ashley Bacon and Kendall Stiles!! Laura Thompson


Alice Loper 
So proud of you Kendall Stiles and all your great supporters! Go Bobcats! You are doing wonderful things at GC and for Milledgeville!


Chaplinwood Health & Rehabilitation - Charlotte Demmon
This was an incredible experience and we were so pleased to be part of this community-wide service opportunity. The students were amazing and so great with our residents.  We can’t wait for 2019!

April Wall
I’ve been a part of GC for a long time now as a student and as an employee but I have to be honest and say that I saw this community come together Saturday. This is truly because of you and your team's efforts to organize such an amazing event. My little ones along with a few of their teammates and parents were a part of the movement Saturday at the Baldwin County Rec. Department and worked with a few of our GC students. Our boys and their siblings picked up trash and laid pine straw. Thank you for coordinating the events and for allowing our boys to piggy back on this day to give back to the park that gives to them.