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Five simple ways to help your community

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Supporting your local community can bring a whole host of benefits. Lending a helping hand can help you to make new friends, learn new skills, advance your career and, most importantly, give something back to your local community.

1. Get involved as a volunteer

There are plenty of opportunities out there if you look out for them. If you’re considering ways to get involved in the community as a volunteer, but have little time to spare, look out for flexible roles that can fit around your needs. You could try being a:

  1. Mentor to a young person.

  2. School volunteer.

  3. Befriend a lonely older person.

  4. Hospital visitor.

  5. Conservation volunteer.

  6. Community project worker.

To find volunteering opportunities in your local area, contact us at kmbbdirector@gmail.com.

2. Support local businesses

Support your local businesses by buying locally. Think before you buy. Instead of buying from supermarket chains, back local farmers and purchase local produce instead. You could also attend local events and festivals.

3. Local tidy ups

Small things like litter picking and gardening can help to make your local area a nicer place to live. Look out for clean up events where members of the community all join together to spruce up their corner of the world.

4. Help your neighbors

Offering your neighbors some support is a great way of getting to know them. Plus, if you look out for others, they’ll probably return the favor too. It could be something as simple as doing the shopping for an older person or collecting the mail when they are away.

5. Donate

Donate old items of clothing to local homeless shelters, food to animal shelters and any household items to local charity shops. It all helps.

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